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Fastlane Services uses the ITS Jaguar Chip Timing System to ensure fast and accurate race results. We provide an attractive start and finish line truss system, giving every race a “Big Race” feel. Final results are provided promptly via hard copy printouts for awards announcing. We also provide online results posting via on our website within 24 hours of your event.

Fastlane Services combines state-of-the-art timing technology, a depth of race experience and our dedication to providing high quality customer service to deliver a great experience for both the participants and the planning committee.


Services Provided:

  • Timing for all types of running and cycling events – road or trail
  • Bib programming, labeling and preparation
  • Pre-race packet pickup and race day registration support
  • Start and Finish line setup including professional truss system
  • Disposable chips affixed directly to race bibs

No-Hassle Convenience:

  • Timing chips permanently attached to the bib
  • No separate chip line or pick up time
  • No timing mats or ramps to slip or trip on
  • Attractive and professional Start and Finish line truss system
  • Highly reliable timing in any weather conditions


Our Technology

Fastlane Services uses Jaguar disposable bib-chip timing – the simplest and most dependable timing technology in the world – with features no other timing company can match.

What is Jaguar?

Jaguar is a state of the art timing system that utilizes a disposable RFID timing chip that can be attached to a race bib, bike plate, or bike helmet. The disposable chip requires no battery, is extremely light and has a built in microprocessor customized to ensure maximum reads even during the most challenging weather conditions. Jaguar also has ankle-strap chips for swimming and multi-sport events.

How does the Jaguar System work?

Jaguar uses ultra-efficient antennas that are placed above and beside the finish line and other timing locations such as start and split points. Using specially customized RFID readers, Jaguar can read the disposable timing chips in the most demanding environment – on the human body.

Jaguar Advantages:

The Jaguar Timing System offers clear advantages to both race organizers and participants:

  • Fool-proof timing chip remains a part of the bib
  • Free flowing finish line
  • Fewer volunteers needed
  • No post-race sorting of chips
  • No charges for lost chips
  • Results available online within 24 hours of event
  • Can be used for virtually any active event

Fastlane Services Results Kiosk:
Runners simply enter their bib numbers into the computer and a printout with their finish time is generated.